Black Pixel Land

Ploing 2

Ploing 2 is logical game similiar to arkanoid...
But it is 3D and you don't push balls, but little comets... too hard to write about this game; just watch screenshots.
[UPDATE]: Here you have list of features:
~ Again completely new idea
~ 7 galaxies with 50 levels (+1 tutorial level)
~ Tons of powerups or bonuses
~ Many different comets (size, speed, type...)
~ Deluxe sounds and graphics
~ NPC: alien enemyes

~ Game may be too difficult sometimes
~ Other flying boards are not so good in pushing
~ Moving between objects in little areas is sticky and laggy

Ploing 2 homepage: HERE
(Tell me when this page will not work, i will provide full version download.)

This game is very old, but still under licence. Homepage on left corner.

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