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Here you can download some NES games.
What is NES ?
NES games on PC ?

Super Mario Bros - Platformer

Help Mario to rescue kidnaped princess!
32 levels in 8 different worlds!

Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes
Size : 40.016 Kb
Type : nes
Excite Bike - Racing game
Excite Bike

Very nice and simple motorbike races.
Game contains 5 long tracks, level editor isn't missing!

Excitebike (E) [!].nes Excitebike (E) [!].nes
Size : 24.016 Kb
Type : nes
Battle City - Tank battle game
Battle City

Join great tank battles! Defend your symbol and destroy other tanks! Up to 2 players. Contains 35 levels, you can also create your own with level editor!

Battle City (J).nes Battle City (J).nes
Size : 24.016 Kb
Type : nes
Kage No Densetsu - Samurai jump'n run fight

Epic fast jump'n run battle game. You are ninja and you have to save your princess! Levels are hard so get ready for long-enduration challenge!

Kage no Densetsu (J) [!].nes Kage no Densetsu (J) [!].nes
Size : 48.016 Kb
Type : nes
Contra - Modern jump'n run fight

Another fast jump'n run game. But now it is in modern age and somewhere in Vietnam (huh?).

Contra (J) [b1].nes Contra (J) [b1].nes
Size : 256.016 Kb
Type : nes
Snow Brothers - Relaxing snowball fight
Snow Bros

Pack your enemyes into snowballs and push them to the others!

Snow Brothers (E) [!].nes Snow Brothers (E) [!].nes
Size : 256.016 Kb
Type : nes

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