Black Pixel Land

Christmas Bound
by Blueskied

 Christmas version of my favouritest logical game.

You are a tennis ball and you have to finish Santa's quest: destroy all the coloured blocks. Main thing what you have to know is that your ball is still repeling from ground to the roof. And beilive me, it can be really complicated sometimes becaose there may be plenty of possibilities to complete level.

Level choosing is like in Super Mario 64, you are going around christmas world with many and many doors. When you enter door, you enter level. When you finish level, you get christmas star. More and more christmas stars allows you to unlock gates and make acces to more powerfull parts.

Overall game graphics and sounds are good i think. Christmas music and snow makes atmosphere really wonderfull. Main thing i dont like on this game are too different sprite or tile graphics so it looks like ripoff from other games.

Download link on Chip.EU: HERE
Download link on Mediafire: HERE

~ Many levels, most of them are hard!
~ New idea and good concept
~ Christmas atmosphere
~ Graphics looks like ripoffs from other games


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